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Challenges > Delhalle - Gougnies, 28/03/2010, BEL - Trail de Gougnies
List of reports > 8km - Classement
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1.2709FANSOTTE Anne43BEL53:1953:236:41 8.9951
2.2618FHILLEN Hilde42BELAVN53:3053:326:42 8.9752MEER
3.2677FLAFAILLE Karine47BELJCHSH57:1557:177:10 8.3869HAM S HEURE
4.2606FSCIEUR Anne Marie45BELGERPINNES AND CO58:3258:377:20 8.1976CHÂTELET
5.2682FGLANSDORFF Ines41BEL1:06:201:06:268:19 7.2393
6.2643FSOMVILLE Isabelle49BELSOLIDARITE MONDIALE1:07:321:07:398:28 7.1098GERPINNES
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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