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Contern, 03/10/2019, LUX - SMARTRUN
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PosNrName of the teamAgeNATTeamTimeTkmMoy.PlaceNameCity
1.11Dussmann Service SarlBELTEAM SECURITY41:224:36 13.061mas
2.13xDussmann Service SarlBELSOBRIQUET42:164:42 12.781mix
3.10Dussmann Service SarlBELLES ELITES DU M44:484:59 12.062mas
4.32xKuehne + NagelBELKN TEAM 245:195:03 11.922mix
5.6Ocorian Services (Lux) SàrlBELOCORIAN 545:355:04 11.853mas
6.25E-KenzBELE-KENZ46:215:09 11.654mas
7.30Anidris ServicesBELLES 2BE446:575:13 11.505mas
8.12Dussmann Service SarlBELSUPERCAT47:355:18 11.356mas
9.20xHifi International SaBELLES MOUS DU GEN48:045:21 11.243mix
10.14Dussmann Service SarlBELLES CATRUNNERS48:215:23 11.177mas
11.28FChamp CargosystemsBELTHE CHAMPTASTIC49:025:27 11.011fem
12.4Ocorian Services (Lux) SàrlBELOCORIAN 250:325:37 10.698mas
13.19xHifi International SaBELLES RAZMOKET51:455:45 10.444mix
14.33LuxRoutageBELLUXROUTAGE51:585:47 10.399mas
15.8xCampus Contern SarlBELCAM-TERN52:225:50 10.315mix
16.22xHifi International SaBELUN PIED APRÈS L52:295:50 10.296mix
17.17xShimeBELSHIME BNI53:205:56 10.137mix
18.24Dupont De NemoursBELDUPONT 253:546:00 10.0210mas
19.27Champ CargosystemsBELCHAMPSY KINGS54:226:03 9.9311mas
20.18Global Water Solutions S.A.R.L,BELGWS TEAM LUXEMB55:196:09 9.7612mas
21.23xDupont De NemoursBELDUPONT S&C55:476:12 9.688mix
22.16xShimeBELSHIME TEAM55:506:13 9.679mix
23.9xCampus Contern SarlBELCON-PUS57:286:24 9.4010mix
24.15xDartalisBELDREAM TEAM58:306:30 9.2311mix
25.7FOcorian Services (Lux) SàrlBELOCORIAN 659:206:36 9.102fem
26.2Ocorian Luxembourg S.A.BELOCORIAN 359:206:36 9.1013mas
27.31FKuehne + NagelBELKN TEAM 159:216:36 9.103fem
28.3xOcorian Services (Lux) SàrlBELOCORIAN 11:02:116:55 8.6812mix
29.1xAnidris S.A.BELANITEAM1:02:276:57 8.6513mix
30.21Hifi International SaBELLES BIDOCHONS D1:03:237:03 8.5214mas
31.26E-KenzBELE-KENZ 21:09:037:41 7.8215mas
DNF5Ocorian Services (Lux) SàrlBELOCORIAN 4mas
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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